18 Jul 2020

Musculoskeletal Surgery Quiz

     1.     A 63 yrs old female patient is suffering from right OA knee and the physician suggested for Intraarticular steroid injection for pain relief, after sterile prep and local anesthesia using ultrasound guidance the needle is placed into the right knee joint space and 40mg of Kenalog is injected into the joint for pain relief, following the procedure the patient was stable and left the physician office with good condition. How would you report the service?

A.    20610,  76942 - 26

B.    20611

C.     20610,  76942

D.    20611,  76942


      2.     A 54 yrs old male Patient is having a soft tissue tumor on his right forearm near to the elbow and one in the posterior aspect of the right forearm near to the wrist, The surgeon performed a radical resection of the tumor from his forearm about 3.8cm in size and excision of the posterior intramuscular tumor from his forearm about 2.8 cm in size. What are the correct codes for these services?

A.    25078, 25075 – 59

B.    25078, 25076 – 59

C.     25071, 25076 – 59

D.    24077, 25076 – 59


      3.    A 34 yrs old male Patient met with an accident and end up with the midshaft fracture of the Left Tibia, He was taken to the operating room to perform IM nailing procedure, after general anesthesia following standard prep Intramedullary rodding was carried out with proximal and distal locking screws were secured in place. The incision was closed and a long leg cast was applied. The patient tolerates the procedure well. Transferred to the ward in stable condition. What is the correct CPT’s for these procedures?

A.    27759

B.    27759, 29345 – 51

C.     27756

D.    27756, 29345 – 51


      4.     A 49 yrs patient is suffering with lumbar disc herniation at L2-L3 and L4-L5, orthopedic surgeon decided to perform Arthrodesis using an interbody technique, Patient was brought to the operating room after general anesthesia and standard preparation, the physician performed anterior Arthrodesis with morselized iliac bone graft harvested through a separate incision and anterior instrumentation (L2-L5) was done. How would you report these services?

A.    22554, 22558, 22845, 20930

B.    22551, 22552, 22845, 20930

C.     22554, 22558, 22846, 20937

D.    22551, 22552, 22846, 20937


      5.   A 62 yrs old female fall in the bathroom and not able to move her right leg was brought to Emergency department. ED physician ordered for Hip x-ray that shows, Neck of femur fracture, which requires replacement with artificial Joint prosthesis. The patient was brought to the operating room with standard prep following anesthesia, the orthopedic surgeon removed the damaged portions of the bone and replaced both the articulating surface with a prosthetic implant. The patient was in stable condition shifted to the ward. How would you report the orthopedic surgeon’s service?

A.    27093

B.    27130

C.     27125

D.    27134


      6.   A 37yrs old patient was brought to the operating room due to stab injury in his right thigh. After standard prep and drape, the surgeon widened the wound to achieve proper visualization he did debridement and ligation of minor blood vessels. The wound was closed and dressed in the usual fashion. The patient tolerated the procedure well and was returned to the recovery room in good condition. What is the correct code for this procedure?

A.    20103,  11042,  12001

B.    20103,  12001 -51

C.     20103,  11042 - 51

D.    20103


      7.  A 48yrs male patient is suffering from chronic neck pain, The physician performs trigger point injection using ultrasound guidance. Two injections on his Trapezius muscle and 3 injections on his Levator scapulae muscles. The patient tolerated the procedure well. How would you report these services?

A.    20552

B.    20553

C.     20552, 76942

D.    20553, 76942


      8.  A 59 yrs old lady with right elbow pain and swelling was brought to the emergency department following a fall in her house. X-ray of the right elbow shows there is a posterior dislocation of the elbow joint. Orthopedic surgeon did closed reduction and applied POP Cast. Because of the old age of the patient with a history of DM, anesthesia was not provided to the patient. The patient tolerated the procedure well. How would you report this service?

A.    24600

B.    24605

C.     24615

D.    24655


      9.  A 42 yrs old male patient is suffering from chronic shoulder pain for the past 2 months. The physician is decided to perform shoulder arthrography procedure. In the ambulatory surgery center under fluoroscopic guidance, a needle was inserted into the joint space, once the needle tip position was confirmed the contrast was injected into the joint cavity, following that images were taken. It shows there is severe rotator cuff tear and the articulating surface shows mild degeneration. How would you report this service?

A.    23350, 77002 - 26

B.    23350, 73040 - 26, 77002 - 26

C.     23350, 73040

D.    23350, 73040 - 26


      10.   A 21 yrs old female patient with knee swelling and pain is brought to the emergency room after a fall from the cycle. The Ed physician calls the orthopedic surgeon to the emergency department. The orthopedician diagnosed there is a ligament sprain in her left knee. He places a long leg cast thigh to toes and instructs the patient to return to his office for follow-up care. How would you report the service?

A.    29355

B.    29345

C.     29358

D.    29405



1.    B

2.    B

3.    A

4.    D

5.    B

6.    D

7.    C

8.    A

9.    D

10.  B