8 Jul 2020

Nervous System – Anatomy Quiz

    1.     Which is the first cranial nerve?

A.    Hypoglossal

B.    Vagus

C.     Facial

D.    Olfactory


    2.     Which is called a basic unit of the nervous system?

A.    Nephron

B.    Neuron

C.     Axon

D.    Dendrites


    3.     Which of the following is not a part of the brain stem?

A.    Pons

B.    Medulla

C.     Thalamus

D.    Midbrain


    4.     What all comes under the central nervous system?

A.    Brain

B.    Spinal cord

C.     Brain and Spinal cord

D.    Brain, spinal cord and cranial nerves


    5.     Which of the following is not a correct statement about the nervous system?

A.    White matter surrounds the grey “H” in the spinal cord.

B.    CSF is clear, Colourless, fluid present in the subdural space.

C.     Nervous system controls all voluntary and involuntary actions of the body.

D.    Dermatome is an area of skin that is mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve.


    6.     What are the three layers of the meninges that cover the brain and spinal cord?

A.    Epidural, subdural and Pia

B.    Subdural, Subarachnoid and Pia

C.     Dural, Arachnoid and Pia

D.    Dural, Subarachnoid and Pia


    7.     How many pairs of spinal nerves are there in the human body?

A.    31 pairs

B.    30 pairs

C.     32 pairs

D.    12 pairs


    8.     Which is the 9th cranial nerve?

A.    Optic

B.    Trigeminal

C.     Glossopharyngeal

D.    Vestibulocochlear


    9.     Which part of the brain continues as spinal cord?

A.    Medulla oblongata

B.    4th Ventricles

C.     Hypothalamus

D.    Cerebellum


    10.     The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are comes under?

A.    Central nervous system

B.    Peripheral nervous system

C.     Autonomic nervous system

D.    Nervous system


    11.    Which is the largest portion of the brain?

A.    Cerebrum

B.    Cerebellum

C.     Brain stem

D.    Diencephalon


    12.    Which part of the brain is controlling the posture, balance and coordination of the body?

A.    Pons

B.    Midbrain

C.     Cerebellum

D.    Cerebrum


    13.    Which is the 5th cranial nerve?

A.    Accessory

B.    Vagus

C.     Trigeminal

D.    Olfactory


    14.   Which part of the brain the majority of the nerve fibres cross over occurs?

A.    Hypothalamus

B.    Medulla Oblongata

C.     Basal ganglion

D.    Midbrain


    15.   Which of the following is not a nerve of the upper extremity?

A.    Sciatic

B.    Radial

C.     Ulnar

D.    Median


    16.   Which is the 7th cranial nerve?

A.    Trochlear

B.    Abducens

C.     Accessory

D.    Facial Nerve


    17.    Which lobe of the cerebral hemisphere is responsible for vision and visual memory?

A.    Frontal

B.    Occipital

C.     Temporal

D.    Parietal


    18.    The cerebrospinal fluid is present between the?

A.    Arachnoid and pia

B.    Pia and dura

C.     Dura and arachnoid

D.    Subdural space


    19.    Which of the following is not a cranial nerve?

A.    Hypoglossal

B.    Vagus

C.     Sural

D.    Trochlear


    20.    Which of the following is not a nerve of the lower extremity?

A.    Femoral

B.    Sciatic

C.     Common peroneal

D.    Accessory



    1.     D

    2.     B

    3.     C

    4.     C

    5.     B

    6.     C

    7.     A

    8.     C

    9.     A

    10.    C

    11.    A

    12.    C

    13.    C

    14.    B

    15.    A

    16.    D

    17.    B

    18.    A

    19.    C

    20.    D