17 Jul 2020

Reproduction system – Anatomy Quiz

    1.     Which of the following is not a part of the female reproductive system?

A.    Uterus

B.    Fallopian Tubes

C.     Vas deferens

D.    Ovaries


    2.     Which is the almond-shaped glands that are located in the pelvic cavity attached to the uterus via ligaments?

A.    Oviduct

B.    Ovaries

C.     Bartholin’s Gland

D.    Fallopian tubes


    3.     When the ovum matures, the follicle enlarges and then ruptures to release the mature ovum. This process is called?

A.    Ovulation

B.    Menstruation

C.     Hormonal imbalance

D.    Ejaculation


    4.      What is Menarche?

A.    The end of the menstruation cycle in female

B.    Routine cycle happens every month

C.     First menstruation cycle in female

D.    Painful menstruation in female


    5.     Which of the following statement is wrong about fallopian tubes?

A.    Medial end has a finger-like projection called Fimbriae

B.    Cilia is the hair-like structure inner lining of the tubes to move the ovum towards the uterus

C.     Peristalsis is a rhythmic movement of the muscle layer of the tubes

D.    Two tubes attached with the uterus.


    6.     What are the three parts of the uterus?

A.    Fundus, Corpus and Body

B.    Fundus, Body and Endometrium

C.     Fundus, body and cervix

D.    Corpus, Cervix and Bottom


    7.     Which of the following is not a layer of the Uterus?

A.    Endometrium

B.    Myometrium

C.     Epimetrium

D.    Perimetrium


    8.     Which is act like a birth canal during delivery of the infant?

A.    Vagina

B.    Uterus

C.     Cervix

D.    Fallopian


    9.     What is the function of the Bartholin’s gland in the female?

A.    Aids in delivery

B.    Protection against pathogens

C.     Secret mucus for lubricating during intercourse

D.    None of the above


    10.       Which is the external female genital area?

A.    Vulva

B.    Vagina

C.     Cervix

D.    Ovary


    11.     Which of the following is not a part of the Male reproduction system?

A.    Testes

B.    Seminal vesicles

C.     Prostate

D.    Vagina


    12.    Which hormone is responsible for the secondary male sex characteristics such as body hairs, facial hairs and deeper voice?

A.    Progesterone

B.    Testosterone

C.     Estrogen

D.     FSH


    13.     Which structure receives the sperm from the testes and stores the sperm?

A.    Epididymis

B.    Vas Deferens

C.     Seminal vesicles

D.    Prostate


    14.     The semen is produced by a small pouch-like structure called as?

A.    Epididymis

B.    Testis

C.     Seminal Vesicles

D.    Ejaculatory ducts


    15.      Which of the following statement is wrong about the prostate gland?

A.    Muscular gland helps in ejaculation of the semen from the body

B.    Located superior to the urinary bladder

C.     Closes the urethra to prevent the passage of urine through the urethra while semen released.

D.    Located inferior to the urinary bladder


    16.    Two small glands located below the prostate secrets fluid that act as a lubricant for intercourse?

A.    Bartholin’s gland

B.    Skene’s gland

C.     Testes

D.    Cowper’s gland


    17.      What is the medical term for Penis?

A.    Balan/o

B.    Orchi/o

C.     Andr/o

D.    Vesicul/o


    18.       Where is the location of the testis?

A.    Pelvic cavity

B.    Hypogastric region

C.     Scrotum

D.    Inguinal


    19.     What is the duration of postpartum care?

A.    6 weeks

B.    6 months

C.     4 weeks

D.    40 weeks


    20.     What is the medical term for the head of the penis?

A.    Meatus

B.    Shaft

C.     Glans

D.    Foreskin



1.    C

2.    B

3.    A

4.    C

5.    A

6.    C

7.    C

8.    A

9.    C

10.    A

11.    D

12.    B

13.    A

14.    C

15.    B

16.    D

17.    A

18.    C

19.    A

20.    C