8 Feb 2016


Modifier GN, GO and GP is informational HCPCS modifiers. These are outpatient rehabilitation modifiers. These modifiers are used to identify therapy services.
              1.     Modifier “GN” – Speech therapy 
              2.     Modifier “GO” – Occupational therapy 
              3.     Modifier “GP” – Physical therapy

All claims containing a procedure code from the following list of "Applicable Outpatient Rehabilitation HCPCS Codes" should contain one of the therapy modifiers to distinguish the discipline of the plan of care under which the service is delivered,

Applicable Outpatient Rehabilitation HCPCS Codes -

Few HCPCS/CPT codes that are not on the list of therapy services should not be billed with a modifier.

Eg: Outpatient non-rehabilitation HCPCS codes G0237, G0238, and G0239 should be billed without therapy modifiers.

[These HCPCS codes describe services for the improvement of respiratory function and may represent either "incident to" services or respiratory therapy services that may be appropriately billed in the CORF setting. When the services described by these G-codes are provided by physical therapists (PTs) or occupational therapists (OTs) treating respiratory conditions, they are considered therapy services and must meet the other conditions for physical and occupational therapy. The PT or OT would use the appropriate HCPCS/CPT code(s) in the 97000 - 97799 series and the corresponding therapy modifier, GP or GO, must be used.]

CPT codes: 95860, 95861, 95863, 95864, 95867, 95869, and 95870. These are diagnostic services, not therapy services, Hence no need to use therapy modifiers.