17 Aug 2016

Anatomy Quiz # 5 (Skeletal System Part D)

1. Where is the location of capitelum?

2. What is the difference between primary and secondary neoplasm of bone?

3. What is swan neck deformity?

4. What is polydactyl?

5. Where is the location of the coracoid process?

6. What is Amelia?

7. How many tarsal bones are there in the human body?

8. What is rickets? 

9. Where is the location of MCL?

10. What is claw toes?

11. What are hammertoes?

12. Where is the location of radial styloid process?

13. What is periosteum?

14. What is IM nailing?

15. Where is the location of coracoacromial ligament?

16. What is a periprosthetic fracture?

17. How many carpal bones are there in human body? 

18. How many thoracic vertebras are there?

19. How many lumbar vertebras are there?

20. How many cervical vertebras are there?

21. What is a joint prosthesis?

22. Which is the free bone present in the neck has no attachment with any other bones of body?

23. Where is the location of the parietal bone?

24. What is coccydynia?

25. What is ankylosing spondylitis?