17 Aug 2016

Answers # 5 (Skeletal System Part A)

1. Where is the location of pisiform bone?

       Ans: Proximal row of the Wrist

2. What is middle 1/3rd diaphysis of clavicle fracture represents?

       Ans: Shaft of the clavicle bone

3. Which is the distal part of humerus bone?

       Ans: Towards the elbow. Articulate with radius and ulna to form the elbow joint

4. What is trimalleolar fracture of the leg?

      Ans: Fracture of The lateral malleolus, the medial malleolus, and the distal posterior aspect of the tibia, termed the posterior malleolus.

5. Which is an alternate word for an open fracture?

       Ans: Compound fracture.

6. What is burst fracture mean?

       Ans: Type of compression fracture related to high-energy axial loading

7. What is greenstick fracture?

       Ans: The bone bends and breaks.

8. Where is the location of medial meniscus?

       Ans: “C” shaped cartilage found in medial side of upper end of the tibia.

9. What is pes cavus?

       Ans: Foot deformity (high arched)

10. Which are the large joints in the human body, give some examples?

      Ans: Hip, knee and shoulder joints.

11. What is malunion?

       Ans: a fracture has healed, but that it has healed in abnormal position

12. What is compression fracture?

       Ans:  Collapse of a vertebra.

13. Where is the location of patella?

       Ans: Anterior aspect of the knee joint.

14. What is impacted fracture?

       Ans: Break in the bone into two pieces, whose ends are driven into each other.

15. Which are the small joints in the human body, give some examples?

       Ans: Fingers and toes.

16. What is sagittal plane?

       Ans: It divides the body into left and right.

17. Where is the location of fibula?

       Ans: Long and thin bone present in lateral aspect of the lower leg.

18. What is orthotics?

       Ans: A brace, splint, or other artificial external device serving to support the limbs or spine or to prevent or assist relative movement.

19. Which is the proximal part of femur bone?

       Ans: Thigh bone, head and neck of the femur which articulates with pelvis, which form hip joint.

20. What is bimalleolar fracture of the leg?

       Ans: Fracture of the ankle that involves the lateral malleolus & medial malleolus

21. What is colles’ fracture?

       Ans: A fracture of the distal radius in the forearm with dorsal (posterior) and radial displacement of the wrist and hand.

22. What is synovitis?

       Ans: Inflammation of a synovial membrane, which covers joints.

23. What is calcaneal spur?

      Ans: Heel Spur, A calcium deposit causing a bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone

24. What is mallet fracture?

      Ans: Tendon avulsion with small bony fragment in distal phalanges of finger

25. Where is the location of acetabulum?

      Ans: A concave surface of the pelvis bone. Femur head articulates here.