11 Mar 2018

Anesthesia Quiz

ANESTHESIA – CPC Sample questions:

1.   Mr John is an 89 yrs old patient with severe hypertension. He underwent a B/L cataract surgery under general anesthesia. Dr. Ken, the anesthesiologist performed the anesthesia. Prior to induction of anesthesia Dr. Ken has completed a preoperative visit and documented a detailed history, detailed examination, and low complexity decision making on this new patient. How would you report Dr Ken’s services? 

A.   99203, 00142-P2, 99100 

B.   00142-P3, 99100 

C.   00140-P1, 99100 

D.  66820, 00144, 99100 


2.   A 48 yr old patient receives general anesthesia for an open procedure pleura biopsy, an anesthesiologist medically directs three other cases and medically directs a CRNA in this case. What are the appropriate codes for both providers? 

A.   00540-AA, 00540-QZ 

B.   00541-QK, 00540-QX 

C.   00540-QK, 00540-QX 

D.  00541-AA, 00540-QZ 


3.   A 38 yrs old female patient in good physical health is undergoing a laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery. The anesthesiologist begins to prepare the patient for surgery at 09.30 am and the surgery begins at 10.00 am and ends at 11.00 am. The anesthesiologist releases the patient to the recovery nurse at 11.15 am. What is the total anesthesia time? 

A.   1hr 45 min 

B.   1hr 

C.   1hr 15 min 

D.  1hr 30 min 


4.   A 55 yrs old patient, a lipoma is removed from his chest wall measuring 6sq cm and the defect is 9sq cm requiring an intermediate closure. MAC is performed by a medically directed CRNA (Certified registered nurse anesthetist). How would you report the anesthesia service? 

A.   00400 – QS, QZ 

B.   00300 – QS, QZ 

C.   00300 – QS, QX 

D.  00400 – QS, QX 


5.   An anesthesiologist provides general anesthesia for an 82 yrs old patient with hypertension who is undergoing a ventral hernia repair. How would you report the anesthesia service? 

A.   00834-P2, 99116 

B.   49560, 00834-P2, 99100 

C.   00832-P2, 99116 

D.  00832-P2, 99100 


6.   A 40 yrs old patient is undergoing percutaneous thyroid biopsy. The anesthesiologist beings to prepare the patient for surgery at 10.00am. And the surgery begins at 10.15am, and the surgery ends at 10.45am. The anesthesiologist hand over the patient care to the recovery room nurse at 11.00am. How would you report the service and total time in units? 

A.   00320, Time: 4 units 

B.   00322, Time: 3 units 

C.   00322, Time: 2 units 

D.  00322, Time: 4 units 


7.   A 68 yrs old patient for RT total knee Arthroplasty surgery. The surgeon requests for lumbar epidural catheter placement in addition to the general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist administered general anesthesia and also inserts a lumbar epidural catheter for postoperative pain management. The anesthesiologist performs postoperative pain management for one day. How would you report the Anesthesiologist services? 

A.   01402-AA, 62326, 01996 

B.   01402-AA, 01996 

C.   01400-AA, 62326, 01996 

D.  01400-AA, 62326 


8.   A 30 yrs old healthy female receives neuroaxial anesthesia for planned vaginal delivery. However, as labor progresses, the fetus is experiencing distress, hence the physician decides to do a cesarean. The anesthesiologist was in attendance during labor for 3 hours and 40 min and during the subsequent delivery for 1 hour and 10 min. How would you report the service? 

A.   01967-AA, 01968-AA, 220 minutes 

B.   01960-AA, 01961-AA, 290 minutes 

C.   01967-AA, 01968-AA, 290 minutes 

D.  01960-AA, 01961-AA, 220 minutes 


9.   A 63 years old patient met with accident diagnosed as RT hip dislocation. He is taken to the OR and the plan is hip reduction under general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist begins preparing the patient at 10.15am. At 10.30am the patient is induced with anesthesia and the anesthesiologist is monitoring the patient’s vitals, ECG, Pulse Oximetry, and Capnography.  The surgeon begins the procedure at 10.45am and completes the procedure at 11.15am. The anesthesiologist monitors the patient until 11.30am and he releases the patient to the nurse for postoperative supervision. At 11.45am the patient is fully alert and taken to the ward. What is the total time should the anesthesiologist charge for?

A.   45 min 

B.   1 hour and 15 min 

C.   60 min 

D.  1 hour and 30 min



Answers –:

1.   B
2.   C
3.   A
4.   D
5.   D
6.   D
7.   A
8.   C
9.   B