21 Mar 2019

Radiology Quiz

1.  Computer Tomography of abdomen and pelvis was performed utilizing oral contrast for a 67yrs old patient with a personal history of colon cancer. The patient is diagnosed with colon malignant neoplasm Mets to the rectum, mesenteric lymph nodes and prostate gland. How would u report this service?

A.  74176

B.  74177

C.  74150, 72192

D.  74160, 72193


2.  Computed tomographic angiography of heart and coronary arteries were performed with contrast material and 3D image post-processing also performed in the hospital, the patient is diagnosed with ASHD, how would you report the professional service of this study?

A.  71275 – 26

B.  71275 – 26, 76376 - 26

C.  75572 – 26

D.  75574 – 26


3.  A 29 yrs pregnant lady in her 34th weeks with twins coming to her obstetrician to have a transabdominal ultrasound performed to assess amniotic sac, fluid volume and placenta of both fetuses. How would you report this procedure?

A.  76815, 76815 - 59

B.  76816, 76816 - 59

C.  76815

D.  76805, 76810


4. A 29yrs old Male patient with an abnormal mass in his left thigh region is here today to take Ultrasound of the lower extremity, how would you report this service?

A.  76881

B.  76882

C.  93970

D.  76886


5. A 46 yr old female with chief complaints of left breast lump and family H/o Breast cancer for her mother comes in for her bilateral diagnostic mammography. Her physician ordered a computer-aided detection along with the mammography. The procedure was performed in a hospital. How would you report the professional services for this study?

A.   77062

B.   77066 - 26

C.   77067 - 26

D.   77066


6.  Mrs Anne, 63yrs old lady with generalized pain had undergone DXA scan to R/O osteoporosis. Bone density study of her femur, Tibia and ulna shows A T-score of -2.5, the procedure was performed in the physician’s office, how would you report the service globally?

A.   77081 – 26, TC

B.   77081 – 26, 77081 – TC

C.   77081

D.   77080


7.  A 71 yr old male patient with hepatic cancer receives eight radiation treatments, during the course of the treatments the physician views the port films reviews the treatment parameters, and assesses the patient’s response to the treatment. How would you report the service?

A.  77427

B.  77427 X 2

C.  77427 X 8

D.  77427 X 3


8.  A 54 yr old female with severe low back pain and radiating pain in the left lower extremity is scheduled for an MRI of the lumbar spine. The procedure was performed in the radiology centre post IV contrast images shows L4-L5 IVDP and spinal canal stenosis. How would you report the service?

A.  72148

B.  72132

C.  72158

D.  72149

9.    A 46yrs old Male patient had a tomographic myocardial perfusion imaging multiple studies performed at rest and stress following 9 min of walking on the treadmill with quantitative wall motion and ejection fraction. The procedure was performed in the nuclear medicine department of the hospital. How would you report the professional services for this study?

A.  78452 - 26

B.  78454 - 26

C.  78473 - 26

D.  78469 - 26


10. A 15yrs old boy falls down in the garden while playing football brought to the Emergency Department by his guardian with the chief complaints of swelling and pain in the left wrist. The Orthopedician ordered for a Wrist x-ray. Lateral view of the wrist reveals a displaced radius styloid fracture. How would you report this radiological service?

A.  73100 – 52, 26

B.  73100 – 26

C.  73100

D.  73110



1.  A

2.  D

3.  C

4.  B

5.  B

6.  C

7.  B

8.  D

9.  A

10. A