12 Jul 2020

Excretory System – Anatomy Quiz

    1.     Where is the location of the kidneys in the human body?

A.    Retroperitoneal

B.    Retro pelvic

C.     In front of liver

D.    Lower quadrant of abdomen


    2.     Which of the following is not a function of the urinary system?

A.    Control the levels of electrolytes and metabolites

B.    Regulate the blood volume

C.     Regulate the blood Ph

D.    Remove the pathogens and kill them


    3.     Which of the following is not a part of the urinary system?

A.    Kidneys

B.    Ureter

C.     Spleen

D.    Urinary bladder


    4.     What is the function of the urinary bladder?

A.    Store the urine

B.    Reabsorb the nutrients

C.     Filter the blood

D.    None of the above


    5.     What is the term for the process of urinary bladder emptying once it becomes filled?

A.    Mastication

B.    Migration

C.     Micturition

D.    Peristalsis


    6.     Where is the location of the renal pyramids in the kidney?

A.    Renal cortex

B.    Renal medulla

C.     Renal capsule

D.    Renal pelvis


    7.     Which of the following sphincter is under involuntary control of the brain?

A.    External sphincter

B.    Internal sphincter

C.     Both Internal and External

D.    None of the above


    8.     Which of the following organ is lined by smooth muscles called Detrusor muscle?

A.    Bladder

B.    Kidney

C.     Urethra

D.    Ureter


    9.     What is the term for the entry site for renal artery and renal vein into the kidney?

A.    Hilum

B.    Minor calyx

C.     Major calyx

D.    Medulla


    10.       Where is the location of the urinary bladder?

A.    Retroperitoneal

B.    Below the ribs

C.     Pelvic

D.    Umbilical region


    11.    Which is the basic functional unit of the kidneys in the human body?

A.    Nephron

B.    Neuron

C.     Calyx

D.    Renal


    12.     What all the following structures come under renal tubules?

A.    PCT

B.    DCT

C.     Loop of Henle

D.    All of the above


    13.     What is the term for a cluster of capillaries that enters into the Bowman’s capsule?

A.    Glomeruli

B.    Afferent arteriole

C.     Efferent arteriole

D.    Renal corpuscle


    14.      Which structure re-absorption of the water and required minerals occurs in the urinary system?

A.    Ureter

B.    The loop of Henle

C.     The Glomeruli

D.    Urethra


    15.      Which is the outermost covering of the kidney?

A.    Renal capsule

B.    Renal cortex

C.     Renal Medulla

D.    Bowman’s capsule


    16.     What is the term for triangle shape structure present in the bladder it connects the 2 ureteral opening and the urethral opening?

A.    Bladder neck

B.    Trigone

C.     Bladder apex

D.    None of the above


    17.     The Urethra is shorter in female compare to male?

A.    True

B.    False


    18.     What is the term for a funnel-shaped structure that is formed by a bunch of major calyces?

A.    Minor calyx

B.    Ureter

C.     Ureteropelvic junction

D.    Renal pelvic


    19.     The collecting duct drains the urine in?

A.    Major Calyx

B.    Minor calyx

C.     Renal pelvic

D.    Ureter


    20.      What are the following organs that perform the function of excretion of metabolic waste from the body?

A.    Skin

B.    Lungs

C.     Urinary System

D.    All of the above  




    1.    A
    2.    D
    3.    C
    4.    A
    5.    C
    6.    B
    7.    B
    8.    A
    9.    A
    10.    C
    11.    A
    12.    D
    13.    A
    14.    B
    15.    A
    16.    B
    17.    A
    18.    D
    19.    B
    20.    D