1 Jul 2020

Integumentary Surgery Quiz

      1.     A patient present with a bilateral thyroid nodule, after getting consent from the patient the physician applied local anesthesia and inserted Fine needle to take tissue samples from right and left lobe of thyroid gland under ultrasound guidance and sent the specimen to pathology. The dressing is done at the operative site, how would you report this service?

A.    10021, 10004

B.    10005, 10006

C.     10005, 10006, 76942

D.    10005 x 2


      2.     A 64 yrs old female patient present with a basal cell carcinoma in her forehead, after sterile prepping the site the physician removes the carcinoma and divides into 7 tissue blocks for examination, upon microscopic examination, the physician finds there are positive margins, he removes the positive margin with another excision which is divided into four tissue blocks, upon microscopic examination margins are negative, the appropriate coding for the scenario is?

A.    17311, 17312, 17315 x 2

B.    17311, 17312, 17315 x 7

C.     17313, 17314, 17315 x 2

D.    17311, 17312, 17315


      3.     Preoperative Diagnosis: Mass in the Right and left breast.

        Procedure: Ultrasound guided B/L breast biopsy.

        Findings: After discussing the risk and benefits of the procedure with the patient, she has signed the consent form. The patient was placed supine on the operative table and the left breast was prepped with betadine. 1% of lidocaine was injected subcutaneously for local anesthesia. The needle was passed under ultrasound guidance to obtain biopsy samples and sent to the pathology. The patient tolerated the procedure well. There was no apparent complication. The biopsy site was dressed in the usual manner. The same procedure was repeated on the right side of the breast. The patient received post-operative instructions and left in good condition.

        Impression: Successful ultrasound core biopsy of the right and left breast mass.  The patient left our department in good condition today with post-operative instructions. The pathology report is pending, how would you report the service?

A.    19083, 19084, 76942 - 26

B.    19100, 76942

C.     19083, 19084

D.    19285, 19286


      4.     A 70-year-old female is having chronic ulcers on her Left Hip (4 sq cm), Left heel (3 sq cm), Right elbow (3 sq cm) and Left elbow (4 sq cm). Using sharp dissection, the ulcer was debrided all the way down to the bone of the Hip, heel and right elbow. And subcutaneous tissue is debrided from the left elbow. The area was dressed with sterile saline and dressings and then wrapped. What CPT code should be reported?

A.    11044, 11042 – 59

B.    11044, 11042

C.     11044, 11042 – 51

D.    11012


      5.     A 58-year-old male for removal of 2 lesions located on his face and neck. Both the lesions were identified and marked. Utilizing a 3-mm punch, a biopsy was taken from the face. The neck lesion was shaved at the level of the epidermis. What are the codes for these procedures?

A.    11104, 11102 – 59

B.    11104, 11103 – 59

C.     11102, 11105 – 59

D.    11104, 11103 – 51


      6.     A 72-year patient had SCC on his left arm measures 2cm and the margin required to adequately excise the lesion is 0.5 cm, and the wound size of 4cm required layered closure, what are the codes for these procedures?

A.    11603,  12032 - 59

B.    11602,  12002 - 51

C.     11603,  12032 - 51

D.    11623, 12032 – 51


      7.     A 39-year-old male is here to excise a melanoma on his right cheek and have reconstruction with an advancement flap. The 2.5 cm lesion and the margin required to adequately excise the lesion is 0.5 cm totalling a primary defect of 4.5 cm. An adjacent tissue transfer of 6 sq cm was taken from the adjacent area (Secondary site) and was advanced into the primary defect. What are the codes for these procedures?

A.    14041

B.    14040

C.     14041, 11646 - 51

D.    11644, 14041 - 51


      8.     A 55 yrs old male was admitted to hospital with third-degree burns on his thighs and trunk, surgical excision of the burn tissue was performed and application of 225 sq cm of skin substitute graft on his thighs and 150 sq cm of skin substitute graft on his trunk. What are the codes for these procedures?

A.    15002,  15003,  15273,  15274

B.    15002,  15003 x 2,  15273,  15274 x 2

C.     15002,  15003 x 3,  15271,  15272 x 3

D.    15002,  15003 x 3, 15273, 15274 x 3


      9.     A 16 year old male is having one benign lesion on his nose (1.6 cm) and one benign lesion on his neck (2.1 cm). The laser was used for the destruction of the lesions. The procedures should be coded as?

A.    17110

B.    17273,  17272

C.     17273,  17282

D.    17000,  17003


       10.   A 14-year-old male had fallen on the road while riding a bicycle. He lacerated his forehead about 4 cm and left leg 3 cm. The ED physician repaired the lacerations as follows: In the forehead, he had done cleaning of the contaminated wound and closed with sutures. The leg was repaired by superficial sutures on the skin. What are the codes for these procedures?

A.    12052, 12002 – 59

B.    12052, 12002 – 51

C.     12052, 12002

D.    None of the above  


    1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. A
    5. B
    6. C
    7. A
    8. D
    9. A
    10. A