22 Sept 2020

Chapter 19 – ICD 10 CM Quiz


    1.     Initial encounter for a contusion of the scalp?

A.    S00.03XA

B.    S00.03

C.     S00.03A

D.    S00.03XD


    2.     Initial encounter for abrasion of lip?

A.     S00.511A

B.     S00.511

C.      S00.90XA

D.     S00.501A


    3.     Initial encounter for laceration with foreign body of nose?

A.     S01.22A

B.     S01.23X1

C.      S01.22XA

D.     S01.22


    4.     Initial encounter for Zygomatic fracture, right side?

A.    S02.40FA

B.    S02.40EA

C.     S02.402A

D.    S02.40E


    5.     Initial encounter for dislocation of the bilateral jaw?

A.    S03.01XA

B.    S03.01XA,  S03.02XA

C.     S03.00XA

D.    S03.03XA


    6.     Initial encounter for injury of the olfactory nerve, left side?

A.    S04.812A

B.    S04.892A

C.     S04.72XA

D.    S04.42XA


    7.     Initial encounter for Traumatic cerebral edema with LOC of 1 hrs?

A.    S06.2X3A

B.    S06.1X3A

C.     S06.1X2A

D.    S06.303A


    8.     Initial encounter for Traumatic subdural hemorrhage with LOC?

A.    S06.309A

B.    S06.5X9

C.     S06.5X9A

D.    S06.5X0A


    9.     Initial encounter for crushing injury of the skull?

A.    S07.1XXA

B.    S07.9XXA

C.     S07.8XXA

D.    S07.0XXA


    10.   Initial encounter for partial traumatic amputation of the right ear?

A.    S08.111A

B.    S08.121A

C.     S08.122A

D.    S08.119A


    11.  Initial encounter for the blister of the left-back wall of the thorax?

A.    S20.422A

B.    S20.442A

C.     S20.402A

D.    S20.452A


    12.   Initial encounter for multiple ribs fracture in left side?

A.    S22.31XA

B.    S22.42A

C.     S22.49XA

D.    S22.42XA


    13.  Initial encounter for RT lung contusion?

A.    S27.311A

B.    S27.321A

C.     S27.322A

D.    S27.399A


    14.   Initial encounter for right iliac artery injury?

A.    S35.511A

B.    S35.514A

C.     S35.516A

D.    S35.512A


    15.   Initial encounter for non-venomous insect bite in the left shoulder?

A.    S40.252A

B.    S40.242A

C.     S40.292A

D.    S40.929A


    16.    Initial encounter for open fracture of shaft of right clavicle?

A.    S42.021A

B.    S42.021B

C.     S42.001B

D.    S42.031B


    17.   Initial encounter for anterior subluxation of the left humerus?

A.    S43.012A

B.    S42.031A

C.     S42.032A

D.    S42.112A


    18.   Initial encounter for greenstick fracture of shaft of right radius?

A.    S42.201A

B.    S52.311A

C.     S52.111A

D.    S52.241A


    19.   Initial encounter for ulnar collateral ligament sprain of the left elbow?

A.    S53.442A

B.    S53.431A

C.     S54.01XA

D.    S55.101A


    20.    Initial encounter for non-displaced fracture of Lunate bone in the wrist?

A.    S61.009A

B.    S62.126A

C.     S61.216A

D.    S61.122A


    21.    Subsequent encounter for dislocation of Carpometacarpal joint of left thumb?

A.    S63.045A

B.    S63.065D

C.     S63.045D

D.    S63.054D


    22.   Subsequent encounter for crushing injury of the left middle finger?

A.    S67.193A

B.    S67.192D

C.     S67.19XD

D.    S67.193D


    23.    Subsequent encounter for closed fracture of femur neck with nonunion?

A.    S72.009N

B.    S72.001K

C.     S72.009K

D.    S72.009A


    24.    Subsequent encounter for closed displaced oblique fracture of shaft of the right femur with Malunion?

A.     S72.331P

B.     S72.331A

C.      S72.331Q

D.     S72.331N


    25.    Subsequent encounter for Salter-harris type 1 physeal fracture of upper end of the right femur with delayed healing?

A.     S79.019G

B.     S79.012D

C.      S79.011G

D.     S79.012G


    26.    Subsequent encounter for a foreign body in the right cornea?

A.    T15.01D

B.    T15.01XD

C.     T15.02XD

D.    T15.00XD


    27.    Subsequent encounter for a foreign body in the bladder?

A.    T19.1XXD

B.    T17.1XXD

C.     T18.110D

D.    T19.1D


    28.   Subsequent encounter for a first-degree burn in the nose?

A.    T20.14XD

B.    T20.24XD

C.     T20.34XD

D.    T20.04XD


    29.   Subsequent encounter for second-degree corrosion of neck?

A.    T20.57XD

B.    T20.47XD

C.     T20.67XD

D.    T20.77XD


    30.    Subsequent encounter for third-degree burn of the scapular region?

A.    T22.361D

B.    T22.369D

C.     T22.259D

D.    T22.399D


    31.   Subsequent encounter for burn of the esophagus?

A.    T27.3XXD

B.    T28.1

C.     T28.1XD

D.    T28.1XXD


    32.    Subsequent encounter for superficial frostbite of the right knee?

A.    T33.71XD

B.    T33.99XD

C.     T33.90XD

D.    T33.70XD


    33.   Initial encounter for Toxic effect of ethanol, accidental?

A.    T51.0XXA

B.    T51.0XA

C.     T51.0X1A

D.    T51.0


    34.   Initial encounter for Toxic effect of chloroform, assault?

A.    T53.1X3A

B.    T51.1X3A

C.     T52.1X3A

D.    T53.1X4A


    35.    Initial encounter for Toxic effect of pesticide, intentional self-harm?

A.    T60.94XA

B.    T60.92XA

C.     T60.92A

D.    T60.0X3A


    36.    Initial encounter for Toxic effect of chewing tobacco, undetermined?

A.    T65.1X4A

B.    T65.211A

C.     T65.224A

D.    T65.214A


    37.    Initial encounter for Complication - malposition of biological heart valve graft?

A.     T82.02XA

B.     T82.222A

C.      T82.228A

D.     T82.212A


    38.   Initial encounter for mechanical loosening of internal left hip prosthetic joints?

A.    T83.411A

B.    T84.091A

C.     T84.031A

D.    T89.290A


    39.    Complication – Heart transplant failure?

A.    T86.22

B.    T86.32

C.     T86.22XA

D.    T86.42


    40.    Complication – Infection of amputation stump, right lower limb?

A.    T87.43XA

B.    T87.53

C.     T87.43

D.    T87.41                   



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