28 Sept 2020

Covid-19 Guidelines


ICD Guidelines for Coronavirus Infections:

1.     Covid-19 Infection due to SARS-CoV-2


A.    Code only Confirmed Cases:

- For +ve test result - U07.1 (Covid-19)


- For Suspected / Probable / Inconclusive – Code the reported Signs and Symptoms.


B.    Sequencing:

- Covid-19 (U07.1) should be sequenced first followed by associated manifestations.


- Except OB / Sepsis or Transplant complications would be reported as principal Dx.

- During Pregnancy O98.5- should be sequenced first followed by U07.1, any associated manifestation can be assigned as an additional diagnosis.

For a newborn that test positive for Covid-19 and was contracted in utero or during the birth process – Assign P35.8 and U07.1, If there is no indication about the COVID transmissions to the newborn then assign U07.1


C.     Acute respiratory manifestation of Covid-19:

If the reason for admission or encounter is a respiratory manifestation of Covid-19, assign the code U07.1 as the principal diagnosis and followed by respiratory manifestations.


I.                   Pneumonia due to Covid-19:  U07.1, J12.89


II.                Acute bronchitis due to Covid-19: U07.1, J20.8


III.             Bronchitis due to Covid-19: U07.1, J40


IV.             Lower respiratory infection due to Covid-19: U07.1, J22


V.                Respiratory infection due to Covid-19: U07.1, J98.8


VI.             Acute respiratory distress syndrome due to Covid-19: U07.1, J80


VII.          Acute respiratory failure due to Covid-19: U07.1 J96.0-



D.    Non-respiratory manifestations of Covid-19

- Viral enteritis due to Covid-19: U07.1, viral enteritis


E.     Exposure to Covid-19

Asymptomatic individual with actual or suspected exposure to Covid-19, Assign Z20.828


F.     Screening for Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a screening code is generally not appropriate. Code it as exposure to Covid-19.


G.    Signs and Symptoms without a definitive diagnosis of Covid-19

If there is no definitive diagnosis, assign presenting signs and symptoms.


H.   Asymptomatic individuals – Test positive for Covid-19

Use U07.1


I.       Personal History of Covid-19

Assign Z86.19 (Personal H/o of other infectious and parasitic diseases).


J.       Follow up after Covid-19 has resolved

Assign Z09 (Encounter for follow up examination) and

             Z86.19 (Personal H/o of other infectious and parasitic diseases


K.    Encounter for Antibody testing

Assign Z01.84 (Encounter for antibody response examination).