29 Sept 2020

Endocrine System - Anatomy Quiz


    1.     Which of the following is not belongs to Exocrine glands?

A.    Lacrimal gland

B.    Salivary gland

C.     Sweat gland

D.    Pineal gland


    2.     Which of the following are true statements about the Endocrine system?

A.    Endocrine glands are ductless glands.

B.    Endocrine glands produce hormones to regulate the body.

C.     Endocrine glands release the hormones directly into the bloodstream.

D.    All of the above.


    3.     The Nasolacrimal duct drains the excess tears from eyes to the nose?

A.    False

B.    True


    4.     Which of the following is not belongs to the Endocrine system?

A.    Pituitary gland

B.    Adrenal gland

C.     Mammary gland

D.    Thyroid gland


    5.     The sweat gland is located in the___?

A.    Epidermis

B.    Hypodermis

C.     Dermis

D.    Subfascial


    6.     What are the endocrine glands located in the head?

A.    Pineal

B.    Pituitary

C.     None of the above

D.    Both A and B


    7.     Which is called as a neural control center for all endocrine glands?

A.    Pituitary

B.    Thalamus

C.     Hypothalamus

D.    Brain


    8.     Which of the following hormone is not released by hypothalamus?

A.    Thyroid Stimulating hormone

B.    Thyrotropin-releasing hormone

C.     Corticotropin-releasing hormone

D.    Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone


    9.     The melatonin hormone is secreted by which endocrine gland?

A.    Hypothalamus

B.    Pineal gland

C.     Pituitary gland

D.    Parathyroid gland


    10.    Which of the following hormone is not secreted by pituitary gland?

A.    Growth hormone

B.    Oxytocin

C.     Prolactin

D.    Thyrotropin-releasing hormone


    11.    Where is the location of the pituitary gland in the human body?

A.    Sella Turcica of the occipital bone

B.    Sella Turcica of the sphenoid bone

C.     Sella Turcica of the frontal bone

D.    None of the above


    12.    Which is the butterfly-shaped gland located on either side of the Trachea?

A.    Parathyroid

B.    Pineal

C.     Thyroid

D.    Adrenal


    13.   Parathyroid hormones aids in body metabolism?

A.    True

B.    False


    14.    The insulin hormone is secreted in the beta cells, Islets of Langerhans of the Pancreas?

A.    True

B.    False


    15.  Which endocrine gland is located on top of the kidneys?

A.    Ovaries

B.    Testis

C.     Pancreas

D.    Adrenal


    16.    Thymus is an endocrine gland?

A.    True

B.    False


    17.    Ovaries are responsible for the secretion of estrogen hormone?

A.    True

B.    False


    18.    Which hormone is produced by Testes?

A.    Estrogen

B.    Progesterone

C.     Testosterone

D.    Cortisol


    19.    Which is the master gland in the human body?

A.    Testes

B.    Pancreas

C.     Adrenal

D.    Pituitary


    20.   Thymus gland aids in the production of “T” cells in the body?

A.    True

B.    False