19 Sept 2020

Integumentary System – Anatomy Quiz


    1.     Which is the largest organ in the human body?

A.    Liver

B.    Thymus

C.     Skin

D.    Lungs


    2.     Which is called as true skin?

A.    Epidermis

B.    Dermis

C.     Hypodermis

D.    None of the above


    3.     Which of the following is not a layer of the epidermis?

A.    Stratum corneum

B.    Stratum basale

C.     Stratum Granulosum

D.    Stratum Corpus


    4.     Where is the location of the Lunula?

A.    Base of the nail

B.    Tip of the nail

C.     Edge of the nail

D.    Beneath the nail


    5.     Which of the below is not a function of the skin?

A.    Synthesis of vitamin D

B.    Excretion

C.     Immune defense

D.    Production of vitamin C


    6.     Which of the below statement is false about the sebaceous gland?

A.    Inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus

B.    Act as an insulator

C.     Sebum waterproof and lubricate the skin

D.    Produces an oily, waxy substance called sebum.


    7.     What is the three layers of the Skin?

A.    Epidermis, Subcutaneous and Sub fascia

B.    Dermis, Subcutaneous and Sub fascia

C.     Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis

D.    Epidermis, hypodermis and Fascia


    8.     Which of the following is not present in the dermis layer?

A.    Sweat glands

B.    Hair follicles

C.     Nerve endings

D.    Melanocytes


    9.     Which layer of skin is providing the waterproof barrier to the body?

A.    Dermis

B.    Epidermis

C.     Subcutaneous layer

D.    None of the above


    10.        Nail is made up of a tough protein called? 

A.  Keratin

B.  Matrix

C.   Stratum

D.  None of the above 



1.    C

2.    B        

3.    D

4.    A

5.    D

6.    B

7.    C

8.    D

9.    B

10.  A