18 Sept 2020

Lymphatic System – Anatomy Quiz


    1.     Which of the below is not a function of the lymphatic system?

A.    Accessory return route to the blood

B.    Part of the immune system

C.     Filter the pathogens and destroy it

D.    Filter the blood and remove the unwanted gases.


    2.     Which of the below is not a part of the lymphatic system?

A.    Thymus

B.    Spleen

C.     Pancreas

D.    Lymph node


    3.     Which of the below is peripheral lymphoid organs?

A.    Spleen

B.    Thymus

C.     Bone marrow

D.    Pancreas


    4.     Where is the location of the thymus gland in the human body?

A.    Neck

B.    Mediastinum

C.     Posterior to stomach

D.    Medial to heart


    5.     Which of the below statement is wrong about the thymus gland?

A.    Thymus is located in the thoracic cavity

B.    Thymus makes the immature “T” cells into mature “T” cells.

C.     Thymus is largest and most active during the adult age.

D.    Thymus converted into adipose tissue after puberty.


    6.     Which organ produces the B cells and T cells in the human body?

A.    Spleen

B.    Lymph node

C.     Bone marrow

D.    Thymus


    7.     Which of the below organ aids in the digestion of the damaged RBC?

A.    Stomach

B.    Spleen

C.     Bone marrow

D.    Lymph node


    8.     A lymph node filters?

A.    Pathogens

B.    Gases

C.     Metabolic waste

D.    None of the above


    9.      Peyer’s patches are small masses of lymphatic tissue found in?

A.    Duodenum

B.    Ileum

C.     Jejunum

D.    Cecum


    10.  Which of the below is not a tonsil?

A.    Palatine tonsil

B.    Lingual tonsil

C.     Pharyngeal tonsil

D.    Mandibular tonsil




1.    D

2.    C

3.    A

4.    B

5.    C

6.    C

7.    B

8.    A

9.    B

10.    D